How to prevent back pain when trick-or-treating

If you have kids, you know Halloween is coming which means you will have to take them trick-or-treating. Trick-or-treating is a lot of walking which can be bad for you if you have back pain. Here are a few tips and “tricks” to prevent pain:

  • Wear comfy shoes: You’re going to be walking around for a while so you should wear comfortable shoes with supporting soles. Research shows that tennis shoes are best for walking around and trick-or-treating
  • Stretch: You’ll be walking and standing on your feet for a while which will cause some back pain. If you stretch beforehand, it will help to release tension in your muscles. 
  • Try not to stay out too long: Set a time limit for trick-or-treating so that your kids can get some candy, but you’re not out for hours on end straining your back.

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