William Capicotto MD is now accepting Medicare.


William Capicotto MD is always on the leading edge of technology for spine surgery. We offer a large number of surgical procedures for adults, including Minimally Invasive Surgery, Computer Assisted Spine Surgery, Anterior and Posterior Spinal Fusions, Laminectomy, Revision of Lumbar Total Disc Replacement, and more, all of which can be found on our Procedures Page. Some procedures may qualify as Same Day or Outpatient (Ambulatory) Surgeries.

Dr. William Capicotto, M.D. is the FIRST spinal surgeon in Western New York to be certified in endoscopic, or arthroscopic, spine surgery!

Learn more about your spineback and neck pain, and ways to reduce pain and keep your spine healthy.

We restore motion to your spine so you can move on with your life.

If you or someone you know has sustained a neck or back injury at work, I invite you to call our office to schedule a consultation. For over 25 years our caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable staff has been treating patients with neck and back injuries. Our goal is to restore your mobility and get you back to your normal life.


William Capicotto, MD accepts BlueCross BlueShield for spine surgery.
William Capicotto, MD accepts Independent Health.
William Capicotto, MD accepts Univera.
William Capicotto, MD accepts United Healthcare.
William Capicotto, MD accepts Highmark.
William Capicotto, MD accepts Department of Labor.

Consider a Less Invasive Approach to Spine Surgery

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What Is Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery? The latest in treatment options for spinal disorders or chronic back and neck pain. Using innovative techniques, cutting-edge technology, and evidence-based medicine, minimally invasive surgery (MIS) may be a treatment option for your pain. Compared to traditional open spine surgery, minimally invasive surgery utilizes the knowledge of important anatomy, along with cutting-edge technology, to treat your spinal condition without causing undue injury to the surrounding soft tissues. Computer-assisted technology (such as computer navigation and nerve monitoring) and highly specialized tools and instrumentation provide for the safe and effective treatment of your pain. With less post-operative pain, a quicker recovery and smaller incisions, ask your doctor if this treatment is for you!