Staying Warm

Wearing extra layers and protecting your extremities is key to helping prevent winter neck and back pain. Our spines are supported by an intricate network of muscles, tendons, and sensitive nerve endings. As the temperatures drop the body’s natural response to the cold is a process called vasoconstriction. During this process, our blood vessels begin to narrow in our extremities and divert the extra blood to our vital organs (brain, heart, lungs, etc.) to keep them warm. When your muscles and tendons have less blood flow they begin to stiffen. More commonly, pain issues stem from injuries and strains to these muscles and tendons as opposed to injuries with the spine itself. As blood flow is restricted to these muscles, your back can stiffen up causing discomfort and pain.If the winter weather is sending chills down your spine causing your back or neck pain to flare up, spend this season getting the help you need with Dr William Capicotto MD, (716) 881-0382.