Text Neck: A Modern Problem

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It is estimated that about half of the population will suffer from neck pain at some point in their life, and many people are unaware of why they are experiencing these aches and pains. One big contributor to neck pain is our posture while looking at devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets, which can lead to neck strain or back pain if you’re not careful. This problem has become so prevalent that it’s become known as “text neck” and it’s starting to become a serious concern.

So what is Text Neck? 

Text neck, also known as “text neck posture,” is a term that describes the combination of neck pain, back pain and poor posture that can result from repeatedly looking down at your cell phone or tablet screen. As we spend more and more time throughout our days scrolling, swiping, and sending texts, text neck has become a major problem in modern society. The key thing about text neck is not just looking down but our posture when doing so; leaning towards one side while craning our necks upwards or downwards. These positions put immense strain on the spine leading to pain throughout the body, including the supporting discs, bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons that support our head and neck.

How Do I Prevent It?

In a world where we are tethered to our phones, what can we do to prevent text neck? One way is to keep your neck in a neutral position (straight line) and avoid bending it so that you look down. You can do this by raising the phone up closer to eye level when looking at it. It’s also a good idea to try not to use your cell phone while lying in bed or sitting for prolonged periods of time, as these positions will incline your neck muscles more than usual.

If you are spending long hours working/looking over a computer monitor every day then consider alternating between different positions during work sessions. Or try investing in a workplace setting that allows you to sit as well as stand to help break up long periods throughout the day.

Maintaining a good neck posture is essential to preventing and treating symptoms of pain and discomfort. Good neck support is key for preventing neck pain from computer screens or tablets. A neck brace can also make a huge difference in relieving neck pain for those who have neck injuries or arthritis. (It’s best to consult your doctor on the most appropriate neck support option if these conditions apply.)

Text neck can be a really painful problem. If you are experiencing significant neck pain it’s best to see a doctor. Here at the offices of William Capicotto MD, PC we can help restore motion in your back and neck so that you can move on. Make back and neck pain a thing of the past by scheduling your consultation at (716) 881-0382 today.