Types of Back Surgeries

You’ve tried drugs and other home remedies and now you’re considering spinal surgery. There are many types of back surgeries that you can consider, but each has its own risks and benefits.

Anterior and Posterior Spinal Fusion

This is the most common type of back surgery. It may alleviate pain, but it’s a little dated. This is when a surgeon fuses your vertebrae bones. Unfortunately, spinal fusion can restrict motion and the stretching of nerves. An incomplete fusion can also cause complications — which may lead to additional surgeries.


Laminectomy is when a surgeon removes part of the bones in your back, which may be pinching your nerves. When you remove bones, however, your spine has less support. This is why a laminectomy with fusion is usually the better option.


During a foraminotomy, a surgeon cuts away the bone to try to alleviate nerve pressure. Because bone is removed at both sides of the vertebrae, a foraminotomy may also reduce stability. Like a laminectomy, you can also get a spinal fusion, but this also increases recovery time and may require additional surgeries.


A discectomy is when a surgeon removes all or part of a bulging or slipped disc which is pressing against a nerve. This can be an extensive surgery that includes laminectomy, foraminotomy, or spinal fusion.

Disc Replacement

With a disc replacement a surgeon substitutes a damaged spinal disc for an artificial one. While this may help you retain the range of motion in your spine, your body may reject the foreign object and the disc may fall out.

Interlaminar Implant

This is another spinal fusion alternative where a surgeon places a U-shaped device between two backbones to keep the space between them. An interlaminar implant might limit your ability to bend depending on where the implant is placed.

Minimally invasive spine surgery

The latest and least invasive spine surgery option. We used computer technology to help treat your back pain. This means there’s less scarring, blood loss, soft tissue damage, post-operative pain, quicker recovery time and improved functionality.

Do your research and consider all your spinal options. The Western New York offices of William Capicotto are always willing to personalize your spinal treatment to best suit your needs.