Acute vs. Chronic

acute, chronic, back pain

The words “acute” and “chronic” often get tossed around when the discussion is centered around pain. But do you really know what the difference is?


Acute Pain

  • starts quickly
  • lasts for less than 6 weeks
  • most common type of back pain
  • often caused by falling, getting tackled or heavy lifting


Chronic Pain

  • lasts for more than 3 months
  • persists despite the fact that an injury has healed
  • much less common than acute pain
  • the cause might be harder to pinpoint and treat


Remember that untreated acute pain can eventually lead to chronic pain if it goes unattended. Always be sure to pay your doctor a visit to address any pain you are feeling.

There is nothing fun about being in pain. If you’re feeling pain, call William Capicotto, MD.  For over 25 years our caringcompassionate, and knowledgeable staff has been treating patients with neck and back injuries. Our goal is to restore your mobility and get you back to your normal life.