Keep Your Spine Happy and Healthy


Anyone that regularly experiences back pain knows that it is difficult to navigate the medical system while also dealing with pain. The following are a few simple things that you can do to hopefully achieve a greater level of comfort.

When exercising, focus on your abs and back.

Your core is made up of your abdominal and back muscles. For your spine to be supported, these muscles need to be toned. Our core muscles are rarely used during our everyday activities, so they need to be specifically targeted.

Avoid sitting for too long.

When you’re sitting, the discs in your lower spine experience three times the amount of pressure that they do when you’re standing. Long periods of sitting can create or worsen a painful back condition. We also tend to slouch or lean forward when working, especially when at a computer. These positions put more stress on our lumbar discs. Find an office chair that provides plenty of comforting support and make sure to get up occasionally to take walks and stretch.

Your spine should rest while you’re sleeping.

When you’re sleeping, each and every structure in your spine that has been hard at work the previous day finally has the opportunity to reset and relax. Everyone needs a mattress and pillows that allow your spine to rest in a supported way. Your mattress and pillow choice will depend on your personal preference and your sleeping positions.

Your shoes should support your spine.

Many aren’t aware that your shoes play a huge role in supporting your lower back. Good shoes provide the base that you need to help your spine remain aligned. The heel of your shoe should be snug but not too tight to prevent your heel from rolling either to the inside or the outside.

Treat yourself to a massage.

Massages encourage blood flow which brings healing nutrients to the area of your back that is experiencing pain. A good massage can also increase endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers.

These habits are fairly easy to integrate into your routine and can help promote overall back health. Although you might be in serious pain and could be undergoing extensive medical treatment, we encourage you to remember that even these small changes can help with the healing process.