Low-Impact Exercise

Not all workouts are created equal. It’s important that we give our bodies a break from excessive pounding by performing low-impact exercises, especially after an injury or while recovering from a surgical procedure. If you’ve been cleared by your doctor to perform low-impact exercise, consider incorporating the following workouts into your routine:

1. Swimming

Swimming is one of the lowest-impact exercises around, and it comes with a tremendous amount of benefits from strengthening the upper body and back to improving lung function.

2. Elliptical

When it comes to reducing stress on the legs but still getting in a cardio workout, skip the treadmill in favor of the elliptical. Ellipticals simulate running without excessive pressure on joints. It also allows you to incorporate arm movement for an upper body and back strengthener.

3. Walking

It may sound obvious, but walking is a great way to stay active while keeping your workout low-impact. There are several creative ways to amp up your walking routine, from choosing to walk in a hilly area to wearing ankle and/or wrist weights to get your heart rate up.

4. Strength training

Many strength training exercises can be low-impact, which is not to say that they won’t have you working up a sweat. Try squats and lunges, but make sure that you understand how to perform the exercises with the correct form to avoid injury.

5. Biking

Hopping on your bike is another great low-impact cardio workout. Bike outdoors when the weather permits. You can also sign up for spinning classes to really work up a sweat in a fun and motivating group atmosphere.

6. Yoga

Reduce stress levels and increase flexibility with an invigorating yoga routine. You’ll strengthen and tone your major muscle groups while also improving cardio and circulatory health. Yoga, when performed correctly, is also an incredible way to stretch the muscles that make up the back and the torso as a whole.