Prepping your spine for cold weather

Winter’s in Buffalo can be extremely cold, sometimes even as cold as below zero. When it gets cold, our muscles and joints tense up in our spine and cause back pain. Here are a few things you can do to prevent that from happening:

  • Call your doctor: If you like to do outdoor winter activities like skiing and have had back pain before, call your doctor and get the okay. Winter activities have more risk of hurting your back than other activities.
  • Wear layers: If you plan on going outside to do some winter activities, bundle up with layers. If you aren’t wearing enough layers, you can become cold and your skin can turn blue because your blood isn’t circulating enough throughout your body because it’s cold. Being warm also helps to prevent your muscles from becoming tight. 
  • Stretch: Stretch before doing any outdoor activity such as ice skating or skiing. Stretching helps to keep your muscles loose. 

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