Spinal Chordoma

Spinal chordoma is a rare type of cancer that presents a significant challenge to both patients and healthcare professionals alike. Originating from remnants of the notochord prior to being born, chordomas are most commonly found in the spine or at the base of the skull. Despite their rarity, with an incidence rate of just 1 in one million people each year, the impact of this disease on affected individuals and their families can be profound.

Chordoma are known for their slow growth, but they can be highly aggressive and difficult to treat due to the proximity to critical structures such as the spinal cord. Symptoms often vary depending on the tumor’s location but can include pain, neurological problems, incontinence, and in some cases, significant impairment.

Treatment for spinal chordoma typically involves a combination of surgery and radiation therapy. The goal is to remove as much of the tumor as possible while preserving the patient’s neurological function. However, the complexity of the spine and the tumor’s location can make surgery challenging. Advances in medical technology have shown promise in treating chordomas more effectively, offering hope to those diagnosed with this condition.

As we continue to research and learn about spinal chordoma, it’s crucial to raise awareness about this rare and awful disease. Early diagnosis and treatment are key to improving outcomes for patients. If you or someone you know is experiencing any unexplained spine or skull base symptoms, consult your healthcare professional for evaluation.

Our Hearts Go Out to the Sinise Family

The world recently lost a bright soul to a rare and relentless adversary. McCanna Anthony “Mac” Sinise, son of renowned actor Gary Sinise, passed away at the young age of 33 after a valiant fight against chordoma, a rare form of spinal cancer.

In remembering Mac, we also embrace a call to action: to support cancer research, and to cherish every moment, living passionately as he did. Mac’s journey reminds us of the fragility of life and the importance of pursuing our passions with all the vigor we possess. Our hearts go out to Gary Sinise and his family through this difficult time.

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