Spring into Sports

Have you’ve had enough of shoveling this winter? Fear not, spring is almost here! That means spring sports! But before you start jogging, running, pitching, volleying, golfing or returning to your active outdoor lifestyles, remember that it’s always important to stretch and warm up.

This will help prevent possible neck, spine or back injuries, which can prematurely end your sports seasons or careers.

To prevent further neck, spine or back injuries, try:

  • Cardio & Stretching: You know what they say. Defense is the best offense and the first line of defense to back or spine injury is some cardio and stretching.
  • Strengthening your core: This will reduce the damage caused by the repetitive twists of golf or tennis. Crunches and Pilates might be a healthy way to build up the muscles that will protect your spine. Also, remember that as you get stronger and build yourself as an athlete, you should devote more time to more challenging workouts that will strengthen your core and prevent possible back pain.
  • Swimming: This is a great aerobic exercise that you can incorporate into any cross-training program. Swimming will help you strengthen and condition your core and muscles. In return, it will help support your back and spine.
  • Wearing the right gear: High contact sports like football and hockey can do a number on your spine, neck, and back. To prevent career-ending injuries, it’s important that you wear protective gear and that you wear it correctly.
  • Perfecting you posture: When you duck your head and tackle an opponent, not only do you get a football penalty, but you can also injure your back and spine. If you raise your head slightly, not only will see your opponent, you can also reduce the chance of getting into a back breaking tackle.

If you do experience neck or back pain — either on or off the field, call the offices of William Capicotto. Our spine specialists will work with you to determine the best course of action.