Back Injuries & Pain: When To Be Concerned

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Any back injury or pain we experience can be a scary situation. Oftentimes we try to tell ourselves that our back pain will “just go away.” But when is someone’s back pain a cause for concern?

There are several factors and warning signs you should look out for to determine what you should do and how to treat sudden issues. Just remember, if you are experiencing high levels of pain or discomfort, especially as it relates to a sudden injury such as a slip and fall or auto accident, please contact your doctor or go to the emergency room. Your safety and well being should always be a priority.  

When a back injury or pain first occurs it’s important to determine how soon afterwards you should you seek medical attention. Some injuries may require immediate ambulatory medical attention while others can wait for an appointment with your physician. Knowing the signs and symptoms of a serious issue can help save time and get you or your loved one the care they need as soon as possible. 

When to go to the Emergency Room

Emergency room visits can be costly compared to other options, but if you are experiencing a medical emergency this should be your first stop. Medical emergencies are classified as having a probability of permanent injury or disability. When it comes to your back, there are several symptoms and signs that can indicate a severe injury. Should you experience any of these symptoms, seek medical treatment immediately, 

  • Inability to walk or stand
  • Sudden loss of bladder or bowel control
  • Loss of consciousness or blacking out
  • The sudden loss of feeling or sensation in your legs or lower body
  • Pain following a sudden injury such as a slip and fall or automobile accident
  • Intolerable pain in your neck, back or legs
  • Back pain that causes nausea or vomiting

If you are unable to get transport to an emergency medical facility, dial 911 for an ambulance to come assist you.

Should I go to Urgent Care?

Certain back pain symptoms may not be severe enough to require immediate medical attention but you should still have them checked out by your physician. If that’s the case, make sure to monitor your symptoms carefully. If your pain gets worse or you develop new symptoms it’s best to have them checked out as soon as possible. Urgent care facilities can be a bridge between the ER and your physician if you are unable to get an earlier appointment. Urgent care facilities can help diagnose and identify any hidden red-flag symptoms and refer you to a specialist, as well as prescribe medications to help until you can see your primary care physician or a specialist.

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