Power Walking To Better Health

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If you parked your car in a garage for years and suddenly decided to turn the key, chances are it would have a hard time firing up. The human body should be thought of like a machine; the longer it sits around inactive, the more issues you’re going to have getting it to where you want it to go. It’s important to stay active within your limits and stay committed to the path of a healthier lifestyle.

Power Walking: Free, Low-Impact Exercise

Power walking is usually the easiest and most affordable activity for those wishing to improve physically and reduce pain. Best of all, walking requires no money or fancy equipment. All you need are a decent pair of shoes and legs. Exercise can improve overall body health and strengthen your joints, tendons, and muscles to prevent future injuries.

For being such a simple activity, power walking can provide an incredible amount of benefits. Any physical activity can help control your weight and improve your metabolism, but light cardio exercise increases circulation throughout the body. Increased circulation pumps healthy nutrients to the soft tissue areas of the body while also removing toxins that make your muscles stiff and inflamed.

Power walking also strengthens the supporting muscles in the body. While your feet, legs, hips, and torso will build more visible muscle, power walking also strengthens the supporting muscles in the body that control posture and spinal support. Building up your support structure’s muscles in a low-impact exercise can help prevent future injuries and improve your overall back and spinal health.

Power walking is also a low-impact activity. As our bodies age the risk of developing debilitating conditions such as osteoporosis increases. When combined with a healthy diet, low impact exercises help to improve overall bone density. This important combination also creates less wear and tear on your joints when compared to higher intensity, higher impact exercise regimens such as running.

Exercise For A Healthier, Happier You

Exercise is imperative to maintaining a healthy body. Whether you’re trying to get in better shape to prevent injury or you are recovering from an injury, low-impact exercise is always a good first step. Walking is typically an activity most of us can do, whether it’s just around the block or a small scenic hike, you can walk just about anywhere. If power walking isn’t right for you and your condition alternative options can include activities such as swimming which we previously discussed in another article that you can read about here.

Before beginning any exercise regimen it’s important to remember to consult with your doctor. Here at William Capicotto MD, PC we want to ensure that your health and recovery are tailored specifically to your individual needs. If you’re looking to restore motion and improve the health of your back and spine, call our office today to schedule a consultation (716) 881-0382.