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Workout tips with Dr. Capicotto

Happy November! Halloween is over, ditch the candy coma and unlock a new level of vitality with me as I hit the gym for my intuitive workouts. Together, we can choose a path of health.

To complete an intuitive workout, utilize your time efficiently, stay hydrated, and move your body. I drink tons of water, a common misconception of drinking water is to keep your cells hydrated. Actually, you need to keep your blood vessels, arteries, and veins full – keeping your intravascular volume full. When you lose fluid, your blood vessels will constrict.

Maintaining hydration will benefit you in terms of energy level. Rather than depending on sugar from Halloween candy, which eventually gives you a crash feeling, try an intuitive workout and some good ol’ fashion water!

Benefits of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Minimally invasive spine surgery could eliminate your back pain and offers exceptional benefits like:
• Smaller incisions
• Less scarring
• Reduced operating time
• Increased accuracy
• Decreased risk of complications
• Faster recovery times
• Shorter hospital stays

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