A Leading Spine Surgeon with 40+ Years of Experience

A Leading Spine Surgeon with 40+ Years of Experience

Struggling with persistent back or neck pain? It’s time to reclaim your life. Dr. William Capicotto MD, PC is an expert spine surgeon, dedicated to providing cutting-edge, personalized care for all your spinal conditions.

Don’t let pain hold you back! Start your journey towards a pain-free life. Because at our clinic, your health is our priority.

Benefits of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Minimally invasive spine surgery could eliminate your back pain and offers exceptional benefits like:
• Smaller incisions
• Less scarring
• Reduced operating time
• Increased accuracy
• Decreased risk of complications
• Faster recovery times
• Shorter hospital stays

Find out if this procedure is right for you. Schedule a consultation by calling (716) 881-0382 or filling out the form.

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