Relieving Back Pain in Cold Weather

coldYou may remember our post this past September titled Cold Weather and Back Pain about how winter weather affects the spine and why you feel a familiar ache or pain as the temperatures start to drop. While it is always helpful to get to the root of the problem and understand why you are in pain, sometimes that knowledge doesn’t always point you to a direct solution that works specifically for you. Below are a few helpful suggestions that just might be able to help you make your way through the upcoming winter months with more ease than ever before.

Don’t overdo it.

While much of winter is characterized by long hours spent sitting indoors, some of the activities and chores that we have to perform during these upcoming months are not easy on our bodies. Shoveling and walking on icy surfaces can both present opportunities for us to hurt ourselves. Make sure that you are wearing proper boots so that you don’t fall, and take frequent breaks when you are shoveling your driveway to avoid injury.

(Try to) Exercise daily.

Much of our back pain is caused by inflammation of the joints. Getting yourself moving, with proper permission from your doctor, will help support those joints that might be causing you pain. Exercise also helps increase circulation, which diminishes swelling and addresses stiffness. Before starting any new exercise routine, always speak with your doctor and take proper precaution to keep your back protected.

Invest in a new mattress.

Sleep on a mattress and pillow to make sure that your spine is adequately supported and aligned. The best mattress and pillow for back pain should fit your sleeping posture and stretch your body a bit. You don’t want a mattress that puts too much stress on your pressure points. However, a firm mattress puts more pressure on your back and result in more pain. Conversely, a mattress that provides little to no support will not encourage proper spinal alignment.

Get bundled up.

Sometimes, those that suffer from back pain can get some relief from putting on a few extra layers to keep warm. Warming up the car before you get in can be beneficial, too. Warmth helps your muscles relax, so it’s a soothing way to address pain.

Are you trying everything and still not finding any relief? Contact Dr. William Capicotto so that we can work together to help address your pain.